Friday, September 11, 2009

Code Name: Single

I received this SMS from an old friend about Code Name: Single and I thought It was kind of harsh (Probably because I am single) at first. Then I realize the reason why I reacted to this it was because I was confronted with the truth.

Non-sugar coated came out of no-where slap kind of TRUTH.

Reality hurts and is depressing but it really is up to you if you let in prison you or set you free…

Reasons why some people are single:

Destiny Addict – Hoping and waiting for DESTINY to happen or work it’s magic

Perfectionist – Choosey with Super High Standard

BUSYBEE – Workaholic! Married to his Work (Familiar!)

Friendship Theory – “We are Friends and it should stay that way”

X to the nth Power – Has not gotten over his X or past relationship

Family Feud – Scared of his parents!

Heart Attack – Afraid of falling in love and getting hurt

Waiting Shed – Waiting… Waiting… Waiting..



JAbbeRedONiON said...

and you can relate to which one?

Dhon said...

WOrkaholic!!!! :)

drey said...

and the list goes on and on...

I personally wanted to stay single til this year ends, or if possible until next year. You have mentioned some of my reasons but I would not specify. How about u? Single by choice or by consequences?

Yona said...

I'm X to the nth power! hehe. Sick..

Dhon, I think you are too. hahahaha

Dhon said...

@Drey -- i am single by both choice and consequence. Choice, since the person i like is currently on a relationship. I don't want to be an ANAY, home wrecker, etc. Consequence because most of the people asking me out on a date are either emotional fu*kwits or Closeted A-Holes! and i hate that! :)

Dhon said...

@Yona - Weeehhhhh!!!



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