Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 1 - Random Thoughts

I suddenly found myself staring at the rain and then realize that it is indeed over.
It took almost 24 hours for that news to really sink in to my system i guess it was just waiting for the Vodka to vanish so i can take over.

As i was staring at my phone, i realize that i was about to send a message to you like what i always do to keep you updated on what i have been doing and telling you to Eat, Rest and this also includes the I love yous.  

Today was Hell for me. I am constantly fighting the urge to cry and to send you an iMessage to tell you to choose me instead of him. That i deserve your love and not him. These Thoughts and ideas just keep on popping in my head.. that i actually play my MUSIC on a MAX Volume so i won't hear myself think anymore and just focus on my work and the task that needs to be accomplished.

I am waiting for that time that i will be tired... Tired of feeling sorry for myself, Tired of having to feel like crap everyday and waiting for you to change your mind.

 I must accept reality.. It’s never gonna happen. 


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