Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Iloilo’s batchoy is said to be the best since basically it originated there.
So when tart and I planned to have a vacation, we decided to take the scenic route to Boracay that is via ILOILO.  When tart ask me if I wanted to try something in  ILOILO the first thing that came into my mind was BATCHOY!

He took me to Ted’s old time La Paz Batchoy, and we ordered the super special batchoy.
It was definitely a feast for my taste buds; it was both yummy at the same time very tasty.
And they are very generous in their ingredients, since I feel that they placed more meat than noodles.

 If ever you found yourself in ILOILO, you should definitely try their Batchoy!


Anonymous said...

ay, sana you informed me na nandito ka sa iloilo. natreat sana kita ng batchoy. hehehehe

good to know you enjoyed one of iloilo's specialties...


john stanley said...

their batchoy's really nice. i enjoyed my share too when i was there courtesy of geek.

Mervin said...

wow! sarap naman nyan... =p


master said...

masarap talaga ang original na batchoy iloilo. Dito sa amin sa Dubai, nag order ako ng batchoy minsan. pero hindi ko nagustuhan! pwe! lasang beef mami!

Dhon said...

@Geek -- hindi ko alam na taga iloilo ka pala.. sayang.. we were like trying to find a good spot to hang out there. :) cge sa susunod!

@John stanley -- sayang!

Dhon said...

@Mervin -- :) napaka sarap.. thanks for dropping by!

@Master -- talaga?! sana nag lucky ma ka nalang. :)

Aris said...

i love batchoy! kaya lang, jusko, napaka-sinful! :)

Dhon said...

@Aris - i agree.. but since hindi mo nalan cya tinitake everyday.. so ok lang! :)

Redlan said...

nag drop by ka pala dito sa iloilo. glad you enjoyed the batchoy.

Dhon said...

@Redlan -- i did.. very much!!


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