Sunday, December 27, 2009


B my colleague here at work introduced me to his Direct Report back when he was still at his old company. Nope B is not Gay, he is a straight and is very supportive my lifestyle.
He gave me PB’s number.
His number has been in my phonebook give or takes a Week. One day I finally got so bored and decided to send a message to PB.

Dhon: Musta?
PB: Ok lang, Hus dis?
Dhon: I’m Dhon.
PB: Were did you get my number?
Dhon: B gave me your number? Is it alright to be textmates?

After countless text messages (really didn’t mind, since we are both using Sun Network and I am on unlimited text for 7 days) we finally arrived to planning to meet. As I was about to open the topic of why not meeting now to get this over with; it seems PB is not ready and he asked me the weirdest question.

PB: are you Male or Female?

Whaaaat?! I thought i was clear from the beginning that I am not a girl. Plus do you know a mother who would name his daughter DHON? So benefit of the doubt was swirling on my mind. i thought maybe in their planet Dhon is a unisex name.

Dhon: Male po. Discreet. (Char! – I know I know! Reserve your violent reaction on the comment section)
Hey if you are not into it. I am cool with it just tell me.

PB: Nope I am cool with it.

“Curious” I though. B told me that he is not straight. So I asked him the same question..

Dhon: Ikaw? You straight or Discreet?
PB: Discreet before but going staright

I almost fell out of my chair.. WHHAAATTT??! Merong ganun?
How do you go from Gay to Straight? Is there a specific diet or routine?
After receiving that reply he immediately fell in the “Potential Emotional F*ckwit Category” and I already made a promise to myself to avoid those kinds of people… These are the type of people i have been attracting lately; like moth to a fire and don't get me wrong i did gave it a chance and it was a Disaster.. "NEVER AGAIN"

So i bid farewell to PB in my mind and erased his number with a smile on my face.

I think i just spared myself future Pains


citybuoy said...

baka nagpasalon. haha

i dunno. i really don't think it's a choice. if B thinks it is, hayaan na natin sya mabuhay sa kasinungalingan. paging bb. gandanghari... haha

Dhon said...

Baka nga! Jowsk ko! :)
ang dami dito sa cebu.. nabubuhay, kumakain sa loob ng closet.. :)

Photoblogger said...

well maybe the preference stays but the habit or lifestyle changes.

Maybe it's a choice for some people. My friend in the US is also doing the same thing. He told me that preference may stay, but the habit and lifestyle can change.

Dhon said...

I agree.. Sexuality is not carved in stone.. and yes.. it can be changed or even influenced by other internal or external factor..

but think about it.. a whole identity can be changed or replaced..

or it could be Suppressed due to peer pressure..

a lot of Factors...

Photoblogger said...

But maybe those who are discreet who prefer to be be straight in orientation are also pressured by those who try to push them out of the closet.

I've had complaints of some guys or even gals who are often hurt because their gay friends condemn them for being in the closet. What if being in the closet is their choice. Kind like they want to like girls but they have tendencies to like guys. and then some people pressure them to fully open such feelings of liking guys. My female friends are also pressured by such situations.

Dhon said...

A friend who condemns a friend for being in a closet.. is a friend..
i have a lot of closeted friends and as a true friend i respect their decision to continue hiding in the closet..

Tell your friend.. Not to be pressured by external factors and next time.. choose your friends wisely! :)


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