Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

This is an inspirational Commercial shared by my Good Friend Kiddie..

We were bored waiting for the show time of the movie, DRAG me to hell which was a total bust! It was scary but overwhelmingly HILARIOUS!!! from the root word DRAG.. it was really dragging! Anyways we sat in an internet cafe and he asked me to watched a clip..

it inspired me to greatness! And i thought i will pay it forward to you guys!

hope you will also do the same..

PS: Just in case you will not be able to see the video clip here in my blog..
here is the link:
Extraordinary Pantene Commercial


kokoi said...

the commercial is very inspiring! galing naman nakaconceptualize nun!

Gram Math said...

tnx for sharing.

Anonymous said...

oh my f*cking gawd! that was absolutely amazing! thank you sooooo much for posting that. the concept behind it was... i'm just in an awe watching it!

have a great week!


Dhianz said...

love it...thanks for sharing it.... =)

Godbless! -di

Aris said...

omg, this is so touching. i got teary-eyed. :)


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