Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fishbone Series - Applying Six Sigma process to understand why i am Still Single. INTRODUCTIONS

Someone once asked me... "How do you do it? It’s been almost a year worth of dry spell.”

Initially in my head I give this person a mental "finger" and try to say polite things in response, like. “I've been busy”  “I’m a workaholic” or the most recent response i am currently using since its almost the end of the year is.. “I need to catch up on my yearly book quota.”

But seriously, it’s not for the lack of trying.  I am not trying to toot my own horn here but for a person on my age bracket... I consider myself a successful one in my industry. I earn well, I am not dumb, I love to read and as of the moment working on my #Adulting101 goals which is about 85% to completion.

However, for reasons that has always elude me... The type that i am attracted too always prefers the "bimbo's" of my kind. The one with all smiles, yes and your my hero type of sparkle in their eyes.

I am absolutely 100% not that kind of person.


Let me share to you a true story.

Last year, just to make sure i crossed out all the possible scenarios as to why I’m still single. i did a fishbone diagram of my current predicament. The glaring part of this diagram aside from NO TIME and DOES NOT LIKE BAR HOPPING is that i tend to have be very OPINIONATED type of person. Which shouldn't be the case since we live in the 21st century but it seems that even as technology progresses us forward... Men’s mentality is still stuck in the CAVE where it originally is from. MEN WORK and WOMEN fawns over men...

i have a lot of strong female friends who will right about shout at me now and a lot of progressive gay and straight men who is ready to call my hypothesis "BS" once they hear this. I am just being honest here... It was a theory at first.  So being all scientific, I decided to do a social experiment. Don’t disclose your work and just smile and "fawn" over every word he says.


Truth enough it got me to have an MU. However since it’s not in my nature to be like this. it was only a matter of time before i snap at the rope and provided my opinion to the guy i was dating at the time on a topic about performance management. The relationship went south fast... So i can put that on my "Has Significant Impact" checklist.


So since there are still some part of my Fishbone Diagram that i haven't explored. I promised 2018 is all about completing that hypothesis.  


Because really after that whole mess.. i needed at least 6 months to recover



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